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Warm Outside

Live Performance

Curation | Sarah Rodrigues
Dancer | Tone Johannesen
Musician | Jonathan Wanneby
Lighting Designers | Ines Bartl & Laura Müller
Sound Designer | Petar Mrdjen
Performer | Konstantinos Saitas-Zarkias

Location | Starting at Accelerator, ending at Stora Skuggan's Dans Bana, Stockholm, Sweden 
Date | 27 October 2021 at 18h00


This event was realized as part of the Curating Art series at Accelerator, in connection to the art exhibition Warm Inside featuring the work of UK-based artist Jonathan Baldock at Accelerator. It focused on folklore, mysticism, and transformation, highlighting themes present in Baldock's work. 

It developed from a series of conversations between the curator Sarah Rodrigues, the dancer Tone Johannsen, and the nyckelharpa player Jonathan Wanneby in exploration of these themes in relation to figures in Swedish folklore. It grew to become a 30 minute live performance with original score and choreography, drawing from traditional influences of medieval Nordic music and dance. The event started with an evening walk through Stora Skuggan starting from Accelerator, following a candle-lit path and the silent guidance of a cloaked figure holding an oil lantern. The performers awaited their arrival in the charged space of the Dans Bana.

Finally, the long Covid hibernation is over, and we shift from the inner to the outer, and erupt into the social sphere from our individual cocoons. How can we navigate this transfer of energy and circumvent the loss of group connectedness?

In this evening performance of song and dance, we invite you to join the communal setting as a charged space and invoke the forces that surround us. We call upon the ancient myths, the shapeshifters, the wisdom of the forest, and exercise the rituals that guide us in the spirit of collective effervescence.

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