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Sarah Rodrigues is a freelance curator.

With a background in Art, Philosophy, Film, Anthropology, Gastronomy, and Environmental Studies, she is interested in transdisciplinary approaches to curating as a mode of research, communication, creation and experience.

She tends to gravitate towards participatory artworks that engage participants in a process of discovery.

Curatorial Projects

May 2023 | Art Curators Day, Stockholm

Oct 2021 | Warm Outside, Stockholm

Sep 2021 | CATCHERS, Stockholm

Sep 2021 | Shadow of a World We Cannot Touch, Stockholm

Mar 2021 - Feb 2022 | Studio Pica, Stockholm

Feb 2021 | Interruption, Stockholm

Sep 2020 | Overflow, Stockholm


2023 | MA Curating Art, Stockholm University

2018 |  MSc Environment & Resource Management, Vrije Universiteit

2015 |  MA Visual Anthropology, Leiden Universiteit

2014 |  BA Liberal Arts & Sciences, Amsterdam University College

2009 | FdA Art & Design, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

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