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Art Exhibition

Curation | Sarah Rodrigues & Agnès Biro 

Artists | Maja Bakken, André Baptista, Tove Möller, Tim Høibjerg 

Location | Stora Skuggan next to Lappkärret, Stockholm, Sweden 

Date | Saturday, 20 February 2021, 5-7 PM

Frustrated by the pandemic restrictions which disabled many from taking part in and experiencing art, the curatorial team Sarah Rodrigues and Agnès Biro decided to try sidesteping these by doing something outdoors. Agnès had long been interested in the notion of "being interrupted" in her artistic practice; of being forced to redirect your attention, or even stop. Mirroring the world's social predicament that forced so many of us to step back and stand still, Agnès took inspiration from the woodland frogs, who freeze during hibernation in winter, and lie hidden in the forest floor, only to thaw in the summer months. In this moment of suspension, Agnès and Sarah invited the audience to pay attention to what might be lurking within or is hidden around us, dormant and waiting. The experience included an installation of sculpted mirrors and flashlights by Maja Bakken, a sound-piece by sound designer André Baptista, a metal and glass sculpture with a microphone sensor and headsets, and two black flags by Tove Möller, and the digital sound & video work Empty Pleasure Vessel (2020) by Tim Høibjerg. All the works were incorporated into the snowy landscape of Stora Skuggan in Stockholm. 

"And the whole world went into a pause..."

It has been a year that we have been in suspended animation. Interrupted. Waiting.

In the frozen landscape of our time, we invite you to explore the energies that lie dormant within.

Where could they take us?

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