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Studio Pica

Project Space & Community Platform

Head of Direction | Sarah Rodrigues 

Association | Lappkärrsbergets Områdesförening, LOm

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Location | Forskarbacken 17, Lappkärrsberget, Stockholm, Sweden

Duration | 1 March 2021 - 1 February 2022


Studio Pica was established as an independent space for creative exploration. Embedded in the student association of Lappis, it functioned as an open platform and support network for students, early-career creatives, researchers and other professionals who wanted to try things, experiment, and share their knowledge, skills, and creative outputs. It developed as the base for the In Memoriam / In Futurum project, an initiative of MA Curating Art students of Stockholm University in connection to Accelerator, and expanded to include a number of collaborations, such as with the duo Fluke. It offered a varied public program of workshops, lectures, weekly clubs, live concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, pub nights, and parties. 

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