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Shadow of a World We Cannot Touch

Publication & Exhibition

Curation | Sarah Rodrigues
Artists | Sarah Rodrigues, Tone Johannessen, Konstantinos Saitas-Zarkias, Alisa Gordeeva
Location | Studio Pica and Accelerator, Stockholm, Sweden 
Date | 1 - 5 September 2021

Shadow of a World We Cannot Touch was part of an initiative called In Memoriam / In Futurum.  It enabled collaborations between students from different fields and different universities in Stockholm, taking advantage of studying as an exploratory, liminal state where anything could happen. The project was initially inspired by the exhibition “The Experimental Field” at Accelerator, which traces back the history of the Stockholm University campus as a site of agricultural experimentation and opens up questions of experimental ways to live together and with our environment. Eight clusters of four to five students with different backgrounds met regularly for discussions, workshops and experimental activities together. In our group, Cluster 1, we were Sarah Rodrigues (a curator), Tone Johannesen (a dancer), Alisa Gordeeva (a chemist), and Konstantinos (Kostis) Saitas-Zarkias (a computer engineer). Over the course of three months, we talked, played, and explored the nature of romantic relationships in their varied formats, and what it means to love in an increasingly virtual world. We approached this from our own personal experiences, and from the perspective of our present times and the times that lie ahead. We asked: how is technology shaping and mediating our romantic relationships and how might it do so in the future? We documented our process in this blog. The material products of our time together included videos, images, a Zine, and an exhibition. The project was officially presented to the public on September 1st at Accelerator (see video), where the published Zines were distributed, followed by a short walk to the exhibition at Studio Pica, featuring a selection of three videos and sound art by André Baptista. 

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