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Art Exhibition

Curation | Sarah Rodrigues & Agnès Biro

Artists | Sissela Jensen, Jo Andersson, Alexey Layfurov

Location | Professorsslingan 25, Lappkärrsberget, Stockholm, Sweden

Date | 24 - 27 September 2020


Overflow was a collaboration between Sarah Rodrigues and Agnès Biro, classmates in the first semester of the MA Curating Art program at Stockholm University. After visiting the Konstfack degree show and seeing Sissela Jensen's Roadside Picnic (2020), Jo Andersson's Being (2020), and Alexey Layfurov's World is Peace (2020), Sarah was inspired to develop an exhibition with their work. Meanwhile, she was in the middle of moving to a new residence, and had a few days of an overlapping contract. Sarah approached Agnès with the idea to install the works in her student bedroom. In the midst of the pandemic, of imposed isolation and introspection, the intention was to invite member's of the audience to explore the work in a darkened room with a flashlight, investigating someone's private, psychological spaces. Agnès enthusiastically agreed, even though we had less than a week to prepare, and no budget. The artists also surprisingly said yes, and the whole thing was a speedy but exhilirating process, as well as the start of a creative partnership between Sarah and Agnès.

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