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Full-day Programme

Curation | Sarah Rodrigues

Partners | Swedish Curators' Association, Stockholm University, Slipvillan

SpeakersRikard Fåhraeus, Jonas Kleerup, Nina Øverli, Masoud Shahsavari, Laetitia Deschamps, Richard Julin, Michele Masucci, Sona Stepanyan, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Power Ekroth, Marianna Garin, Anna Johansson

Workshop Leaders | Martin Q Larsson, Emmeli Person, Carla Abrahamsen, Sara Endler

Live Performance | Renata Estevez, Sofia Nystrand

Graphic Design | Thomas Bush

Lighting Design | Ines Bartl

Photography | Alex Stavrev

Videography | Erik He

Chef | Kostis Saitas-Zarkias

Location | Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden 
Date | 27 May 2023, 10h00 - 23h00

This event was realized in fulfillment of my MA Curating Art final degree project at Stockholm University, and as part of the series of events of the Swedish Curators' Association, of which I was on the board of during 2022-2023. Dedicated to professional curators, it was a full-day program of discussions and workshops on the working lives of curators from a labour and care ethics perspective. It took place at the independent art space, Slipvillan, in Stockholm, from morning until night on a late-Spring Saturday. The intention was to generate a safe space for curators to share their experiences, both inspiring and challenging, of their day-to-day jobs as curators, and encourage solidarity and ideas for new support structures. It also included a participatory performance called "LULL", with massage and live-piano in private individual sessions with guests.  

Communication Materials

The event was promoted via several communication channels, including via my personal and the partners' websites and social media pages. The schedule program and posts were designed by Thomas Bush. 


The event was documented by videographer, Erik He, and photographer, Alex Stavrev

Below are the sound recordings of the discussions and workshops, a longer cut video of the day, and photo images. 

Sound Recordings

10h00-12h00 - The Realities of Curating Art: A Conversation with Curators
Moderator: Sarah Rodrigues

Speakers: Jonas Kleerup, Nina Øverli, Masoud Shahsavari, Laetitia Deschamps, Richard Julin

Participants: Lina Aastrup, Robin McGinley, Jannike Brantås, Nicole Rochelle Bood, Anneli Backman

15h30-16h30 - Becoming Self-Organised 4.0 

Moderator: Sona Stepanyan

Speakers: Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Power Ekroth, Anna Johansson

13h00-14h00 - Workshop: Creative Business Incubator
Workshop Leader: Martin Q Larsson from Katapult at Subptopia

Participants: Sarah Rodrigues, Sona Stepanyan, Paula Elion, Laetitia Deschamps, Tal Gilad, Amanda Lundback, Ninhursag Tadaros

17h00-18h30 - Workshop: CV Roleplay

Workshop Leader: Emmeli Person

Participants: Sarah Rodrigues, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Sona Stepanyan, Paula Elion, Laetitia Deschamps, Tal Gilad, Alexandra Papademetriou, Reyhaneh Mirjahani, Ninhursag Tadaros

Video (Long Cut)
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