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Art Exhibition

Curation | Sarah Rodrigues
Artist | Karin Lindstén
Graphic Design | Stelios Chatzivasileiou

Location | Studio Pica, Stockholm, Sweden 
Date | 9 - 12 September 2021

CATCHERS features the first solo show of Karin Lindstén's MFA graduation project (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm) at Studio Pica.
The exhibition includes Digital blue (2021) a wall painted in Chroma Key-blue; The Catcher 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (2021) sculptures made of steel, reflective spray, reflective tape, flash lights, and a pocket mirror; and a 3-channel video installation: Mörkerögon (Dark eyes) (2021) HD video and 16mm-film transferred to HD-video, 7:21 min,  un visibility (2021) HD video, 7:10 min, and A wind blows from paradise (2021) 16mm-film transferred to HD video, 8:07 min.
Altogether, this constellation of works tell a multi-layered story. Dream-like sequences filtered by technology appear like memories of our own past, or perhaps belonging to other selves... other beings. Night creatures that hover and resist being captured, despite repeated attempts by "the catchers". Reflections offer glimpses, maybe sensations of this other-worldly world, where we try to look for clues, symbols that can show us what is real, but like insects, they fly away, evading our full awareness.  
See the exhibition text written by the artist below.


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